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About Africa Bash60

Africa Bash60 is a full Entertainment website just made for you to live a happier life. The site is made of team across africa so we always have something new for our visitors.

OUR PROMOTION PACKAGE Since the team has members across whole of Africa, we have a very high traffic (engagement) that is, we have huge number of visitors across the world. every post on our website reaches about 50,000 viewers per day which makes anything being advert or whatever on our get much influence. OUR MUSIC PROMOTION PACKAGE Since this website is an entertainment site, Music promotion is our first target, sake of this, our contributors have joined a least 200 groups on WhatsApp of which each group has a least members of 200, which is 40,000 viewers per contributor so with Product of our 26 contributors we get 1​,040,000 viewers per post through WhatsApp only. On Facebook, we cant sum up our viewers per post but roughly, we get 50,000,000 viewers per post across the world. with the rest of the media, we get about 35,000,000 viewers per post summing up to 86, 040, 000 viewers per post in a day. this makes music on our website trends very fast and get air Play too. We also have DJs who Play music on our site to increase the trending rate. OUR ADVERTISING PACKAGE We provide ads space on our site for those who want do commercial advert on or website. For More Information about the above, .

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